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Audio and Video Transcriptions


Full transcription  of trial hearings from audio/ video to text.

Full transcription  of interviews, lectures and phone calls from audio/ video to text.


Revision of audio and video transcriptions: ideal for poor or low quality recordings.



Other Documents Transcription 


Full text transcription of handwritten documents or typescript documents such as universitary notes, meeting notes, anotações de reuniões, contracts, agreements and other handwritten or typescript documents, papers, etc.​​

Translation, Interpretation and Subtitling


Translation of technical and scientific documents such as technical manuals, papers and articles for specialized journals and magazines, medical reports, financial reports, legal documents, websites, menus, etc.


Literary translation.


Translation of other texts and documents.


Internationally certified/ notarized translations.


Curriculum Vitae translation: CV preparation in several languages​​.


Interpreting presentially: subject to availability and prior booking.


Video files subtitling: in several languages.


Inform us as soon as possible which is  the

specific language pair you desire to translate,

so we can check the availability of our staff.

Secretariat and Text Composing
Elaboration of texts amd all kind of documents: letters, legal documents, claims and complaints, replies, defenses of administrative infractions, etc.

Curriculum Vitae Preparation: various styles and appropriate designs to the role/ employment you are applying for.


Theses, monographies and academic papers revision: spellchecking, proofreading , editing and ideographic review.


Revision of scientific and technical articles and papers: spellchecking, proofreading , editing and ideographic review.


Revision of school papers: spellchecking, proofreading , editing and ideographic review.


Revision of other documents: spellchecking, proofreading , editing and ideographic review.


Guidance in the preparation of several papers and studies.


Bibliographical research.


Data insertion in multiple formats.

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